Gahaya 3D Printing Moon Lamp – An Ultimate Reviewing Guide

Moon Lamps are one of the most trending items in the world right now and honestly, it is an ideal item to give as a Christmas, Halloween, birthday and other occasion gifts. If you are looking for a beautiful moon lamp then Gahaya Moon Lamp is for you.


Gahaya 3D Moon Lamp is one of the most stylish, beautiful and reliable lunar lamps in the market. The premium construction, magnificent 3D printing design, and high-quality material make this lunar lamp as a top-notch lamp light for sure. In addition to that, there are plenty of more wonderful features as well.

Here is the complete review of this lunar lamp with all the complete features, specifications, pros, and cons as well. Check it out.

FEATURES:Gahaya Moon Lamp Light

First of all, check the material of this lamp and that is something very important. The material of this lunar lamp light is the highest grade PLA material which is extracted from corn stalks and that is reliable, long lasting and extremely efficient.

Because of a superior built, it never emits light when you switch it off. Other than that, this lamp remains cool after working and you also don’t get flickered light.

Moreover, the 3D printing technology used in this lamp is also one of the coolest features of this lamp. Indeed, the 3D technology is responsible for the formation of highly realistic moon-like shape.

You also have the luxury of dual color light from this lamp as well. There are two different light colors (cool white and warm yellow) for your ease. Apart from that, you can switch the color by tapping on the surface of the lamp gently. Interestingly, the long tap will help you adjust the brightness level and that’s pretty cool stuff.


3.7 Volts Battery.
LED Bulb.
Matte Finish.
4.2 Ounces Weight.
Lithium Metal Batteries.
Dimensions are 5.7 X 5.7 x 5.7 inches.
5.7” Wooden Stand.
  • Wonderful construct and top-notch design.
  • Highest grade PLA material.
  • Available in multiple size ranges.
  • Comes up with beautiful wooden stand.
  • More than 280 positive Amazon reviews.
  • 100% refund or replacement guarantee on defective items.
  • Dual color lights.
  • Takes a bit long time to charge fully.


Well, there is no doubt that the Gahaya Moon Lamp is a top class product. Realistic, Effective, and most important put great value on your money. Overall, a handy lamp for sure.

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