LOGROTATE 3D LED Moon Lamp Review & Complete Guide

If you are looking for the best moon lamps for kids, then certainly the LOGROTATE moon lamp is for you. The stunning multicolor light with its amazing design is what all you need in any lunar lamplight.


Here is the complete review of the LOGROTATE moon lamp for you.


First of all, this lunar lamp is made up of latest 3D printing technology with an incredible surface that depicts highly realistic appearance and looks. Not only that but also the charming lunar lamp light makes you feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire night.logrotate Moon Lamp

Well, the best part about the magnificent LOGROTATE moon lamp is the leverage of 16 RGB colors light. Yes, you have the luxury of 16 light colors that can decorate your moon to an entirely different level. Isn’t it cool?

The tale doesn’t end here because, with the remote and touch control system, you can change the lamp colors, adjust the brightness and perform other functions easily. Yes, it’s up to you whether you want to control the functions by a remote or a touch control.

So, despite all these cool features, one more thing that also standouts this lamp is the FDA approved PLA material. Yes, the material in this LOGROTATE moon lamp is of great quality and certainly, you don’t have o worry about the quality and performance this lunar lamp.

So, you can ask more than that for sure…


10.2 Ounces Weight.
The Dimensions are 6.9 X 6.5 X 6.5.
PVC material.
Battery Power Source.
Lithium Polymer Batteries.
LED Bulb.
Stylish Wooden Stand.
  • Offers a great option of multiple adorable lamp colors.
  • Comes up with a rechargeable battery that can easily be recharged by a power bank, or a USB cable.
  • The material in this lamp is outstanding and long-lasting.
  • Price is also affordable.
  • Has a backing of almost 250 Amazon customer reviews
  • Nontoxic, odor free PLA material is used.
  • The working of all the lights is not up to the mark according to some users.


Without a single doubt, the LOGROTATE moon lamp is what all you need if you are a moon lover. It’s an ideal package that delivers you the great performance with plenty of super cool features.

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