Magicfly 3D Printing Moon Lamp Light – An Ulimate Reviewing Guide

Magicfly 3D lamp is one of the most realistic moon lamps in the market. When you look at composition and built of this lamp, it is a pure treat for all the moon lovers. Indeed, this moon lamp is a great product to keep in your room because of its breathtaking appearance and scintillating illumination.


Here is the complete review of this lunar lamp.


Magicfly moon lampFirst of all, let’s check the construction of this globe light. To be very honest, the material of the Magicfly lamp is quite good. The high-quality PLA material has been used by the manufacturers for more reliability and sturdiness.

Magicfly has implemented innovative 3D printing technology to give a powerful impact on the look and shape of this lamp. So, that’s the sweet science behind this highly realistic moon lamplight.

Another great thing about this 3D lunar lamp is its tap control. Yes, there is no switch in this lamp and all it requires a tap to change the color and brightness level. Surely, your kids would love this night light as it produces multiple colors by touching the surface.

Now comes to its rechargeable battery that plays a big part in differentiating this globe lamp from others. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours if you use it with high brightness and it only takes a couple of hours to recharge. So, fast recharging and long working time. You can more than easily recharge the battery by a portable power bank or even a USB cable.


1 Pound in Weight.
7 X 6.5 X 6.5” Dimensions.
LED Bulb.
Tap Switch.
Equipped With Battery.
ABS+PVC Material.
Warm White Color.
  • The vivid surface of the lamp provides better illumination.
  • Easy to operate with touch control system.
  • Equipped with different LED lights.
  • Beautiful wooden stand.
  • Positive Amazon customer reviews.
  • Low in price.
  • Sometimes, it emits a dim light for a while if you switch if off.


Well, the Magicfly moon lamp is a complete package. Offers you a great diversity with its multiple colors, variable brightness levels, and brilliant look. High-quality stuff with a reasonable price as well.

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