Best Moon Lamps For Kids – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Well, if you are looking for some really beautiful and attractive moon lamps for kids room then you can check our list.

We have tested every single product and come up with our best list.

Here we go.


Here is the list of best moon lamps for kids that you can easily purchase on Amazon.

Rank Moon Lamps For Kids Brand Price

1.Remote Control Wall Décor 3D Moon Lamp Check Price
2.LED Moon Nightlight For Kids Check Price
3.LEGROTATE Moon Lamps For Kids Check Price
4.3D Printed Multi Color Moon Lamp Check Price
5.Lunar Moon Light Globe Ball For Kids Check Price
6.SCOPOW Constellation Night Light Check Price
7.Yellow Moon Wall Lamp For Kids Check Price
8.3D Wall Moon Lamp Light For KidsCheck Price


Indeed, the motto “moon in the room” is fully implemented by Uncle Milton in the 3D Moon Night Light. You will get an unbelievable wall moon lamp with highly realistic appearance due to innovative 3D technology.

uncle milton wall moon lamps

Check Price

Certainly, the manufacturer has done a great job in presenting the 12 different moon looks and phases through inbuilt lights. Surely, you have to admire the creativity of the maker by the fact that how he managed to placed different light bulbs to produce realistic moon phases.

And another thing that also makes you feel extremely excited is the remote control system. With the remote, you can set your favorite moon phase easily. Apart from all these cool features, there is also an option of switching off the light automatically so that it conserve light and last longer.

Now come to the texture and appearance of the moon lamp. Seriously, the look of this lunar lamp light is as good as you can expect. Realistic is the only word I can relate to it.


  • 46 Pounds Weight.
  • 12 X 3.5 X 11 Inches dimension.
  • Automatic Settings.
  • Battery Powered.
  • Recommended for 6+ age group.
  • World Wide Shipping.
  • Realistic moon texture and landscape.
  • Wonderful and pretty cool light glow.
  • 12 different moon phases.
  • Over 2400+ positive Amazon reviews.
  • Perfectly hangs on the wall.
  • Automatic shut off after 30 minutes.
  • A bit high in price as compared to other moon lamps for kids.


To be really honest, this one is my favorite lamplight. Indeed, it a pure treat not only for kids but for everyone. Perfectly built, decent in size and gives full value for your money. Highly recommended from our side.


Moon lamps is a wonderful treat for the kids, as they enjoy a lot in playing with these lamp lights. Ehobroc has designed a gorgeous moon lamp for kids and honestly, your kids would love it.

Check Price

Well, the most promising thing about this moon lamp is its innovative design and powerful construction. Really, with the rough patches, landscapes, and dark spots, you feel that it’s a real moon and that’s its beauty.

Because of its premium built and the usage of high-quality PVC material, you never feel uncomfortable with the glow of the light and that’s where it is one of the best moon lamps for kids.

Moreover, with just a slight tap, you can change the colors according to your requirements. The energy saving gentle LED lights allows you to get three colors (White, Yellow and Cool White) as well. So, this moon lamp with stand is a perfect choice for your kids for sure.


  • 9 Inches Diameter.
  • LED light source.
  • White, Yellow and Cool White color.
  • Tap Switch.
  • 500 mAh Lithium Battery.
  • PVC + ABS Material.
  • Realistic moon design.
  • Glowing Light with three colors.
  • You can control the color and brightness by a tap.
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • 1-year warranty for any issue regarding quality.
  • The moon lamp stand is rather cheap and flimsy.


Overall, after testing it personally, I would say that it has a real moon look, quality is also good. Indeed, one of the best moon lamps for kids with a pretty reasonable cost.


Kids love the different colors in the lamps and this is what you will get in the LOGROTATE moon lamp. In this night light, you can change the pick the Sixteen RGB (16) colors and that’s a serious treat for your kids.

logrotate moon lamp

Check Price

LEGROTATE has introduced a latest 3D printing technology in this night lamp to present the most realistic moon look.  You know the surface of this lunar lamp is made up of FDA approved PLA material which is highly environment-friendly and reliable.

In addition to that, due to wonderful composition, it is long-lasting and not easy to break. Moreover, you can also control the brightness with a special remote as well.

The best thing about this lamp is its wonderful 16 colors. Kids can change any color they want with the help of remote and surely a great sigh of relief for the parents during the night time. Apart from that, the battery is also rechargeable and it comes up with high-quality USB cable.


  • 9 inches Diameter.
  • LED Bulb.
  • 500 mAh Battery.
  • PLA Material.
  • RGB 16 Colors.
  • Wooden Stand.
  • Innovative 3D printing technology.
  • Remote and touch control system.
  • Finest quality nontoxic material.
  • Polymer Lithium battery that gives extra backup.
  • 130 Customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Perfect gifts for kids.
  • It takes 3,4 hours to charge completely.


Without a single doubt, it’s a wonderful night light for the kids. A proper package with plenty of cool features. Available in multiple colors and highly affordable in price.


Another wonderful lunar lamplight, that can be a fantastic option as a birthday gift is NIOSS 3D moon lamp nightlight. It is laced with different attractive light colors that oozes a lot of class and brilliance.


Check Price

The combination of a latest 3D technology with a super sturdy PLA material illustrates a realistic moon texture. Indeed, it’s one of the most durable moon lamps in the market due to its exceptional construction.

Apart from that, it has 16 amazing colors with 4 brilliant flash modes. Another promising thing that is also making this lunar lamp as a great package is its remote control system. Yes, you can the colors and its settings with the remote easily.

One more bonus point about this lamp is its battery which can be charged by a connected USB to your laptop or desktop. With the wall socket adapter, charging can also be done easily.


  • 7 Inches Diameter.
  • 7 Watt Power.
  • 500 mAh Battery Capacity.
  • Remote Control System.
  • Stylish Timber Stand.
  • USB Charging Cable.
  • 8 Hours Long Lasting Battery.
  • Cutting Edge Printing technology.
  • Realistic in look.
  • Different flash modes.
  • Exceptional construction.
  • High-grade material is used.
  • The Surface is a bit grainy.


Although, there are a plenty of moon lamps for kids in the market but this is a special one for sure. Equipped with a brilliant battery, printing quality is up to the mark, and not high in price. So, a fantastic package.


Another moon lamp that can make your kids extremely excited is the 3D moon lamp by Elstey. Undeniably, it’s a mood lifter for anyone because of its multiple soothing and refreshing lights.

Check Price

In this lunar lamp, the LED lights are highly efficient and adopt the low voltage charging. As a result, the glowing lamp never gets hot even after using for hours and that’s something extraordinary for sure. Other than that, the glow comes out from this globe ball is very soft and never burn eyes.

With the cutting-edge 3D technology, layer by layer printing has added a cherry on the top. It always gives you a very exhilarating and realistic moon-like appearance.

Apart from all these super cool features, the best part is yet to come…

And that’s the freedom of 16-color combination. With just a tap, you can change any color you want because of the installation of touch control sensor. Moreover, the lamp also adjusts the light brightness according to the room darkness.


  • 3.9 inches dimension.
  • 1 pound product weight.
  • PLA material.
  • LED Light Source.
  • 16 Lightning Colors.
  • Equipped With USB Cable and Remote.
  • Highly efficient LED light bulbs.
  • Unique and better 3D printing technology.
  • Easy to control by remote and touch.
  • Price is not high.
  • Never gets hot during glowing.
  • Better quality PLA material.
  • The battery doesn’t last 8 hours.


It’s a wonderful moon lamp light for kids. Quality is also up to mark. Price is quite low as well. Extremely efficeint in working. Certainly one of the top moon lamps for kids for sure.


If you are looking for a perfect nightlight that makes your kids busy in playing, then SCOPOW nightlight is the best choice for you. Because it depicts wonderful lights on your ceiling and that’s what excites most to your kids.

moon lamps for kids

Check Price

In this nightlight lamp, SCOPOW has installed powerful beads that depicts beautiful bright colors. With that, you also have the luxury to set the timer for 5 minutes to 95 minutes. This gives you the ease of a peaceful sleep without worrying about the lamp.

Moreover, the construction of this nightlight lamp is quite amazing as well. There are five buttons that control the color, rotation, and other things easily. Apart from that, you have the option of choosing five different colors that include, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, and Multi-Color.

The best part is yet to come and that is its color combination. It produces wonderful different imaginations that lifts your mood instantly. So, overall a great package for sure.


  • 2 Ounces Weight.
  • 4 X 5.4 X 5.9 inches Diameter.
  • Deco Style.
  • Battery Powered.
  • Multi-Color.
  • Propogate Stars
  • Very easy and safe to use.
  • Auto timer allows you to set the time.
  • The battery can easily be recharged by USB cable.
  • More than 480 reviews on Amazon.
  • Quite affordable in price.
  • Rotates 360-degree. [clockwise]
  • USB adapter is of poor quality.


Indeed, it’s not a bad nightlight for kids. Can be used as a friendship lamp also. Propagates colorful stars and extracts some wonderful bright lights. Cheap in price, not bad in quality and easy to use. So, a nice package.


Well, to be very honest, this moon wall lamp is a very special treat for your kids as it portrays a superb crescent shaped moon lamp on the wall. Not only that but also the yellow color creates a perfect setup for your room as well.

moon lamps for kids

Check Price

Without a doubt, the best thing about this moon wall lamp is its pretty soft and nice glow that allows you to sleep even if it’s switched on. Moreover, with this illumination, you can also read books or stories in the bed.

With all these positive points, one more thing that is also quite fascinating is its easy installation. Yes, you don’t have to worry about the installation as it only needs a couple of screws to fix to the wall.

The size and color scheme is quite friendly and encourages your kids to stay in the room during the bedtime. In addition to that, it’s not heavy to your pocket and you can easily purchase it by spending a few bucks.


  • Lead-Free Material.
  • Flower Style.
  • 12 Ounces Weight.
  • 4 X 8.3 X 3.3 Inches dimension.
  • Wired Electric Power Source.
  • The glow is pretty soft and pleasing to the eye.
  • Adds a great flavor to your room.
  • Positive reviews on Amazon.
  • Free product shipping.
  • Very low in price.
  • Easy to install and long lasting.
  • The bulb is not included in the package.


Overall, if you are looking for a nightlight that makes your kids happy and they can sleep easily even it is switched on then this one is for you. One of the best moon lamps for kids for sure.


Another fantastic lamp light that can be a magnificent choice for your kids is the 3D Wall moon lamplight. Surely, with this light, the room becomes more graceful and during the night time, and the moon in the room becomes a reality.

The moon lamp light by Green Grass possesses different phases of the moo including full moon, eclipse and crescent-shaped moon. Definitely, the best phases of this lamp light are full moon and crescent phase. In addition to that, it is 100% environment-friendly, non-toxic and odorless.

It is also equipped with a remote control system and the working of the remote is quite brilliant. You can easily change the moon phase by remote.

Other than that, you also have the leverage to hang the lamp on the wall or just stick it. Other than that the lunar lamp surface and its texture give you a perfect moon like the look and that’s what you all need. So, this lamp is one of the very few moon lamps that gives you the pleasure of a real moon in just a few bucks.


  • 17 lbs. Weight.
  • White Color.
  • Wall Moon Lamp.
  • PLDM Material.
  • Battery Power Source.
  • 1W Power.
  • Laced with an optical sensor that works according to the brightness level.
  • 6 moon phases including New moon, first quarter moon, waning moon, waning moon, last quarter moon, full moon.
  • 3-Month money back guarantee.
  • The working of the remote system is superb.
  • Perfect gift for your kids.
  • Not high in price as well.
  • The lamp is not corded.


When you make a list of best moon lamps for kids then surely you will add this one for sure. Not high in price, solid in working, aesthetic in appearance and environment-friendly. Indeed, it’s a complete package.

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