Wall Moon Lamps – Hanging Lunar Lamps [Moon In My Room]

wall moon lamps

Wall moon lamps are a real deal nowadays. They are trendy and look awesome in the room.

If you are in search of some sturdy yet beautiful wall lunar lamps then check this guide.

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Here we go.


Check out our list of best wall moon lamps.

1.Remote Control Moon LampUncle Milton Check Price
2.Wall Decor Moon LampUncle Milton Check Price
3.Moon Lamp NightlightGreen Grass Check Price
4.Crescent Moon LampIkea Check Price
5.Nation Geographic Moon LampNational Geographic Check Price
6.3D Printed Moon LampVuur
7.3D Printed LED Moon LampDilake Check Price


To be very honest, after reviewing many popular brands. There was no better than Uncle Milton’s
“Moon in the Room” lamplight. Well, I have to say that this wall lamp is at least unbelievable for many. Moreover, it gives you the leverage of controlling the different features with the help of remote. So all you need is to sit back and enjoy its super soft glowing light.

uncle milton wall moon lamps

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When it comes to providing the most realistic moon look, then surely Uncle Milton “Moon in the room” is right at the top. With the scintillating different shades, you have the luxury of getting the different phases of the moon.

The lunar surface emits soft glowing light that never disturbs your sleep and also allows you to perform various activities like reading books under the lunar lamplight. With the remote system, you can easily turn on or off the lamp by just one button.

The tale doesn’t end here because it also has an auto shut off the system as well that is specifically made to conserve energy and for better sleep. It shuts off automatically after thirty minutes and you don’t have the stress of turning off the lunar lamp before sleep.


  • 46 Pounds Weight.
  • 12 X 3.5 X 11 Inches dimension.
  • Automatic Settings.
  • Battery Powered.
  • Recommended for 6+ age group.
  • World Wide Shipping.
  • Remote Control System offers great ease and comfort.
  • Highly realistic moon phase with different phases.
  • Over 2400 positive customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Soft glow never hurts your eye or disturbs your kids.
  • Decent in size as well.
  • Automatic shut off after 30 minutes.
  • Slightly high in price.


To be very honest, when you hear the word “Moon in the room” there is one thing that comes to everyone’s mind id Uncle Milton Wall Moon Lamp. Best in the category and highly recommended from our side as well.


Well, Super Moon in my room gives you the frill of 12 lunar phases. Not only that but also with the remote you can certainly adjust your favorite moon phase and brightness level as well.

uncle milton wall moon lamps

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Indeed, supermoon in the room is one of the coolest lunar lamps as you get a perfect feeling of a moon with its incredible construction. The tale is not over yet because the specially made lunar clock matches the real moon outside the room automatically with its wonderful 12 phases.

How can you beat that?

Moreover, the remote-controlled LED moonlight is programmed in such a way that it turns off automatically during the night time to maintain a peaceful sleep. It also produces moon landing sound effects and that is something you will not find in any other wall moon lamp.


  • 53 Pounds in weight.
  • 13 X 3 X 13 inches dimensions.
  • Downloadable audio tour.
  • Recommended age is 6+.
  • Battery Powered.
  • Offers 12 different moon phases.
  • Laced with the brilliant remote control system.
  • It has also a built-in electronic lunar clock.
  • Great reviews on Amazon.
  • Fits nicely with the wall as well.
  • Expensive in price.


Without any doubt, the LED wall lunar lamp by Uncle Milton is a complete package. The glow of the lamp is pretty friendly and soft. Moreover, you will see everything in it like remote control system, different moon phases, and battery. So, what else you need more?


The 3D lamp by Green Grass is a magnificent lamp that emits delightful glow with multiple moon phases as well. Yes, it has 12 moon phases and it’s up to you whether you want full moon glow or crescent-shaped bulb.

uncle milton wall moon lamps

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The material that has been used in this wall moon lamp is high class, non-toxic and environment-friendly. With the various moon phases, you always get a cheesy look. My favorite phase in this lunar lamp is a full moon and to be very honest, it looks pretty awesome.

In addition to that, there is also a remote for you to change the moon phases, control the brightness or turning on or off the bulb.  So, by just sitting back on your sofa, you can do everything by a single click. One more thing that is also quite considerable about it is the option of sticking it or hanging it on the wall.


  • 1.7 lbs. Weight.
  • White Color.
  • Wall Moon Lamp.
  • PLDM Material.
  • Battery Power Source.
  • 1W Power.
  • High-grade nontoxic material.
  • Equipped with the efficient remote control system.
  • Superb mood lifting light glow.
  • 12 different moon phases.
  • 3-month money back guarantee.
  • Price is also reasonable.
  • The lamp is not corded.


Indeed, it is one of the top-rated lunar lamps in the market. Reasonable price, multiple moon phases, wonderful light glow, decent in size and pretty comfortable as a nightlight. So, overall the package is perfectly balanced.


If you have to buy a moon lamp for your kids, then this crescent-shaped is for you. Yellow colored lamp light hanging on the wall is all that your kids need. Apart from that, it also adds a brilliant flavor and set up to your room as well.

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The best thing about this fantastic crescent-shaped lunar light is its wonderful nice and soft glow. That’s the reason why this is the best lunar lamp for kids. Moreover, it’s its installation of the wall is also pretty simple and easy. All you need is to tighten the screws on the wall and that’s it.

It is also laced with a 7 feet long cord as well. The cord consists of on/off switch so that you can easily switch off or on the lamp by a single tap. In addition to that, the material used in this lamp is lead-free and nontoxic.


  • Lead-Free Material.
  • Flower Style.
  • 12 Ounces Weight.
  • 4 X 8.3 X 3.3 Inches dimension.
  • Wired Electric Power Source.
  • Great gift for the kids.
  • Wonderful illumination and glow.
  • Adds a superb decoration to your room as well.
  • Not high in price.
  • The material is also up to the mark.
  • More than 90 customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Limited to just yellow color.


For the kids, it’s a great package. During the night time, it illuminates the room properly. You never get disturbed by the glow of this lamp during the sleep. Affordable in price as well. So, I think a complete package for everyone.


Another great lamp we have included in our list of best wall moon lamps is the National Geographic lamplight. Without any doubt, it comes up with plenty of cool features and that too in a pretty reasonable price.

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The surface of the luna lamp is a genuine NASA photo of the moon. Yes, the surface is made according to the NASA satellite picture with all the landscapes, dark patches and roughness to present a much better and highly realistic look. Indeed, they succeed in it by manufacturing an amazing replica of the moon.

The coolest feature of this lunar light is that it glows in the dark. Not only that, with the remote control system, you can also set up a 20-minute timer before sleeping.

The tale doesn’t end here because it has seven different color combinations and you can certainly choose the best one according to your requirement.

And another thing, the AC adapter is also there for you to illuminate the room all night now. Apart from all these aspects, it’s also a great learning experience for your kids as well.


  • 1 Pound Weight.
  • 5 X 3.2 X 10.8 Inches dimensions.
  • Recommended age is over 3.
  • High-class material.
  • Battery Power Source.
  • Wonderful seven colors combo.
  • An extremely soft glow that illuminates the room properly.
  • Highly realistic surface, exact like NASA Image.
  • 20-Minute timer for power saving.
  • Great Amazon customer reviews.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • The cable comes out from the side of the moon, instead of it coming from the bottom. It is awkward.


To be very honest, its performance is superb. Distinct colors, a light glow is fantastic, the price is ok, and most importantly it never irritates you during night time.  So, there is not much you can ask more.


The elegant VUUR LED moon lamps are one of the very best items for the decoration of your room. It has a perfect design, premium construction, wonderful texture and a brilliant style. You can place it on the coffee table, bookshelves or even nightstands.


The overall construction of this lamp is quite extraordinary. Indeed, it is one of the finest wall moon lamps in the market because of its cool features. The glow is quite friendly and it creates a great atmosphere in your room. Other than that, you can easily adjust the brightness of this moon lamp with the remote control system.

The best thing about VUUR Is that you don’t have to worry about the batteries anymore because it is easily rechargeable by USB cable. All you have to plug the USB cable into the lamp and charge it. Cool Stuff!!!


  • 9X5.9X5.9 Inches dimensions.
  • 4 Ounces Weight.
  • USB Power Source.
  • LED Light Bulb
  • Plastic Material.
  • Highly realistic and exceptional design.
  • Perfect Amazon customer ratings.
  • Easily rechargeable and lightweight.
  • Multiple level brightness (dim, moderate, high).
  • Beautifully wrapped gift box.
  • Decent in size.
  • Sometimes, it glows red while charging the lamp.


One of the best moon lamps in the business. To be honest, it’s hard to find any flaws in it. Well balanced product with some of the coolest features. So, a great package with plenty to admire about this lamp.


Well, the LED lamp by Dilake is indeed a masterpiece. It attracts and grabs the attention of every viewer with its versatile design. You can certainly win the hearts of your loved ones by this perfect gift.

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